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The good thing about jobs for 17 year olds is that they can be most anything accept jobs that are┬áhazardous. There is no limit on hours like there are for younger teens so employers are more likely to hire you over someone that is younger. Because you are old enough to drive, you might also be eligible for a job a Domino’s or some other similar establishment delivering pizza.

Your First Step

Your first┬ástep should be to go online to give yourself the best chance of getting a job. If you are seventeen, you should develop a resume even if you don’t have much work experience. Include all the jobs you have had as well as awards you have won and any other good things you do. You will need a resume in most cases when looking for a job so you need to start one now. Additionally, you should use the three free websites listed below to expand your job search and make sure you have all your bases covered. Many employers now get all their employees online and so you need to be actively searching at these three job search sites:

Snagajob – 100% free to sign up and they specialize in part time and hourly jobs. These are often exactly what a 17 year old is looking for.

Monster.com – 100% free to sign up and they have one of the biggest online job databases.

Your Second Step

The next thing you should do is to network with your friends who already have jobs. Perhaps they can put in a good word for you where they work? Or they might have suggestions for you about where to go to get hired. Then start to network and compare notes with friends who are looking for a job just like you are. Find out what they are doing in their job hunt and keep on top of who is getting hired and who isn’t. Use any friends and contacts you have to the best of your ability to give yourself the best chance of landing a job.

Also ask your parents for help. They might have a contact that could get you a job. In a job hunt, the more people you inform that you are looking for work the more likely one of them will be able to help you.

Your Third Step

And finally, you should go around your neighborhood or town and scout out all the jobs you think you might want or places you might like to work. Stop in at all these places, introduce yourself, inquire about the possibility of working there, and find out as much as you can while making contact with these business owners. There will undoubtedly be a lot of rejection at this point but employers like teens who take the initiative to come in and introduce themselves. If you have a resume you should drop it off at this time. You never know, if you make a good impression, when a job opening does come up, the employer might just remember you and give you a call.


Will it be jobs for 17 year olds or college? When you turn seventeen, it is time to start making some important decisions and the biggest one is whether you want to go to college or whether you just want to try to get a job when you graduate.

Seventeen year olds are usually in the 11th grade and that is when you have to start thinking about and applying to colleges. It isn’t fun having to make that kind of decision and it is a lot of work to do all the applying, However, if you don’t buckle down and do it, you will see all your friends leaving town to head off to college with you having no where to go.

Not everyone goes to college and that is okay if it is not right for you. You will need to be productive though and get a job once you graduate. Right now, getting a job is a tough proposition for anyone, much less an 18 year old with little experience.

When you are 17 years old, suddenly you find you have more responsibility than you did before. Your grades start counting more towards college and you have to take tests like the SAT. You are also one year away from having to sign your name up for the miliary draft if that should ever happen (let’s hope it doesn’t). Also, you probably need more money than you did before for things such as dating, clothes, and cars.

Deciding on whether to get a job out of high school or go to college is tough because you are forced to think into the future and figure out what is best. If you aren’t so keen on going to college it still doesn’t mean that you might wish you did someday. But the decision on which path to choose has to start when you are 17 years old and that can be quite a difficult and scary time.

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